Top-Rated Scope Mounts: ADM and Bobro

If you’re looking for a top-rated, high-performing optic mount for your tactical rifle, look no further than American Defense Manufacturing or Bobro Engineering. Both have excellent return-to-zero and are over-engineered to perform at the highest level. LaRue has been long regarded as the gold-standard for return to zero, but many balk at LaRue’s higher prices. While outstanding quality costs money, ADM and Bobro have been able to produce quick-release mounts that are as-good-as or better than LaRue according to recent performance tests by Recoil that will be highlighted below.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.06.25 AM
The AD-DELTA mount has excellent return to zero, is quick-release, and priced right. It is the SOCOM-approved mount for the SCAR program. Great for .308!

The AD-DELTA mount is heavy duty and ideal for .308 tactical rifles. I have this mount on my SCAR 17S because it is SOCOM approved for the SCAR platform. Workmanship is excellent, and the mount screams quality. I’ve taken my scope off and remounted it with less than 1″ shift in zero at 100 yards.  I find that you’re less likely to remove glass optics and replace them with red-dots on .308 platforms as they are intended for longer range, but return to zero is still important to many, especially if you need to travel with your rifle and need it compacted. Consider this mount for heavier semi-autos like the AR-10, Sig 716 Patrol, S&W M&P10, etc.

This American Defense Manufacturing mount will also work on 5.56mm rifles, but it may seem a little too beefy for that application. For M4s and ARs, I recommend the Precision Optic Mount from Bobro Engineering.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.17.14 AM
Bobro Engineering’s Precision Optic Mount had the best return to zero in 
Recoil magazine’s head-to-head competition even though it only has one quick
release lever!

Bobro’s Precision Optic Mount is a favorite for AR platforms for good reason. The single-lever QD mount is faster to install/remove than dual-lever designs and provided the best return to zero when compared to other top-rated mounts designed for the AR platform listed below. It is available with 30mm and 1-inch rings.

The March 2015 issue of Recoil included head-to-head tests between multiple optic mounts, including: AD-RECON-X, Alamo Four Star DLOC-M4X-30MM, Bobro Engineering Precision Optic Mount, Burris AR-PEPR, Global Defense Initiatives P-ROM L-Model, GG&G FLT Accucam, Larue Tactical LT-139, Larue Tactical LT-808, and Precision Reflex Inc. Gator Grip. If you’re familiar with Recoil, you know it isn’t a cheap magazine when bought in print. However, if you buy the electronic version, it is very affordable. I purchase through Zinio, but there may be other ways to purchase, so do your research.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.34.18 PM
Results from March 2015 Recoil magazine, page 100 return to zero test.
All would be considered “acceptable” by most. However, with similar price
points, why not go with the Bobro? Note: 1 MOA is 3.6″ at 100 yards.

If you do the math for the Bobro using the table above and multiply 3.6″ by 0.016 MOA, you get a shift of less than 1/16″ at 100 yards! Amazing, especially considering this mount uses a single throw lever. With the Precision Optic Mount, you can remove your scope, throw on a red dot, take off the red dot, and put your scope back on with no worries.

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