Cocked and Locked Sighting-In Target

Cocked and Locked Sighting-In targets are great for sighting-in your rifle or shooting sub-MOA groups. Don’t pay $0.40/each or more for targets when you can buy Cocked and Locked Sighting-In targets for $0.19/each. Our high quality, high visibility targets are printed on heavy 75 lb. paper with medium green ink. Why use Cocked and Locked targets? Here’s why:

  1. You can see .22 caliber holes on green at 100 yards at 9-power that you can’t see on black, especially when the target backing material is also black material, like conveyor belt. Can you see .30 caliber holes at 200 yards on green with your 3×9 scope? Yes. On black? Are you kidding me?!?
  2. Your target will stand out from everyone else’s at the range reducing the likelihood of someone else shooting your target.
  3. Our Sighting-In targets are five targets in one. Put up one target, shoot five groups. And because of the target’s high visibility, see your groups through your scope without waiting for an “all clear” to go downrange and see how you did. How much does the same style of Birchwood Casey Shoot N-C Targets cost? More than $1.00/each.
  4. One-inch grids on the target make scope adjustments incredibly easy. Shoot a 3-shot group and immediately see the exact distance vertically and horizontally from your point of aim. Use the appropriate number of clicks according to your scope’s calibration and your fourth shot will be dead on. Additionally, the one-inch marks allow you to easily measure how accurate your rifle is at 100 yards.
  5. The center diamond has point extensions that help you keep your crosshairs aligned on the center of the target.

Our Cocked and Locked Bullseye Target is great for pistols and rifles. The Bullseye measures 3/4″, and the outer circle is 9″.

Cocked and Locked Bullseye Target

When you purchase a firearm from Cocked and Locked, you will receive 10 free targets. Mix and match as you like.