Sig’s P320 Voluntary Upgrade

If you are the owner of a Sig P320 or are thinking about buying one, you may have heard about the pistol failing a particular type of drop test.  This means the pistol discharges or goes off when dropped on a hard surface like concrete.  This problem is documented on several YouTube videos, and Sig is providing a fix for the problem.  The videos below show you how to tell if your Sig P320 has been upgraded or not and what causes the P320 to fail a drop test.

Here is a great video from Sig Sauer’s website on the free, voluntary trigger upgrade for the P320 pistol.  Check it out.

You can see more information at Sig’s website here.

This upgrade is a no-brainer!  You’ll get a safer pistol with a better trigger.  The Sig P320 passes government required drop tests, but those drop tests do not comprehensively cover all situations.  Check out the video below for actual footage of a drop test failures.

The Sig P320 is a fantastic pistol, and it’s not uncommon to see design modifications like this over time for any firearm platform, especially platforms that are long-lived.  Personally, I would not let this issue keep me from buying a Sig P320 as long as the trigger upgrade is performed.