Scope Mounting

When you buy a rifle and scope from Cocked and Locked, we will professionally mount your scope for $49. Choose your scope mount, then C&L will mount, align, and torque the rings to your base; lap the rings, if necessary, for better grip of the scope tube; level the reticle; torque the rings around the scope at the manufacturer’s recommended level; and bore sight the scope so your first shot at the range will print on paper. Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242 is used on all mounting screws.

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American Defense Manufacturing          Bobro Engineering

Cocked and Locked is an authorized dealer of American Defense Manufacturing and Bobro Engineering mounts. They are highly recommend for sporting rifles because of their CNC-milled parts, QD mounts, excellent return to zero, and overall value. The American Defense Delta mount is the SOCOM approved mount for the FN SCAR platform. Recoil reviewed QD mounts in its March/April 2015 issue, and Bobro’s Precision Optic Mount had the best return to zero even when compared to the gold-standard LaRue LT139.

Please note that if you purchase a rifle/scope combo package somewhere else, you will definitely want to re-torque the base and ring screws. Even if you have your scope is mounted in a big-box store, you should re-torque your base and ring screws. I have never encountered a bore-sighted scope from a big box store that did not loosen up the first time I shot it at the range. Why? Most big-box stores don’t remove oil residue from all components, use thread lock, and tighten all screws to the manufacturers specifications. Cocked and Locked does all three, guaranteed.

Of course, you can choose any make of rings you’d like, and C&L can most likely help you purchase them.