There are dozens of companies marketing scopes, red dots, and holographic sights to consumers. With so much choice, where do your start? Here are the criteria we used to choose our select manufacturers:

  1. Quality. This is the number one factor. Can you depend on the optic 100% to get the job done?
  2. Warranty. Does the manufacturer stand by its product even when it’s your fault?
  3. Value. Is your money well spent?
  4. Reputation. Does the manufacturer have a track record of success?
  5. Origin. Preference is given to U.S. manufacturers.

Based on that criteria, we recommend and sell optics from the following manufacturers:





Leupold is based in Beaverton, OR and sets the standard for tactical and hunting scopes. Leupold scopes are 100% made in the U.S.A. Used by the U.S. Armed Forces and generations of hunters, you simply can’t go wrong with Leupold. The VX-3 line of scopes is as good as it gets for any firearm in your arsenal because of its superior lens coatings. If you have questions about Leupold products, check out their Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about specific scope lines, optics basics, reticles, and warranty. We sell all of Leupold’s products, including binoculars and laser rangefinders, with a 10% discount when you purchase a Leupold optic with a firearm.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 7.28.05 AM

Burris is located in Greeley, CO and is our top choice for those who expect great performance at a lower price. The Fullfield II line of optics from Burris might be the best value out there. On the tactical side, the MTAC line of scopes is a superior value. I have the 4.5-14x42mm and can’t say enough about its brightness, clarity, and unique G2B Mil-Dot Reticle that makes hitting the 14″ gong at 400 yards at Putnam Co. Gun Club a breeze. We also offer a 10% discount on Burris products and offer a 15% discount when you purchase a Burris optic with a firearm. Regardless of which brand of scope you purchase, we recommend Burris Signature Rings. If you do some research, you will see that many believe Burris rings are the best available.

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Redfield is a great lower-cost alternative for those not wanting to sacrifice quality. This is because Redfield is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leupold & Stevens, and Redfield scopes are manufactured in the same Oregon facility as Leupold scopes. Because of that, they undergo the same manufacturing practices and have the same quality checks. You can read more about that here. With Redfield, you get a product that is 100% Made in the U.S.A. with quality you can’t find with imports in the same price range.

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Holosun is a newer company that manufactures high-value red-dot sights with a design that somewhat mimics Aimpoint at a much lower price point. These sights are made in China, but you can see the reviews here and here as well as here from nutnfancy to get an excellent understanding of what you’re getting for your money…and it’s a lot! This sight is not an Aimpoint, which is the Cadillac of red-dot sights, however, Holosun offers many unique features, like: auto-on, auto-off, Aimpoint-like battery life, solar power to lengthen battery life, and many models fit Aimpoint-style mounts. You can browse Holosun’s store to compare models. C&L sells all model’s at 15% off MSRP!

EOTech copy

C&L no longer sells EOTech products due to the parent company, L-3 Communications Holdings Inc., withholding evidence from the U.S. Government that EOTech sights used by U.S. military personnel were faulty at extreme temperatures causing a shift in zero. L-3 knew of this defect for almost 10 years. You can read more here and here. If you want a serious red dot, buy Aimpoint. If you want a mid-priced red dot, buy Holosun. Unfortunately, Cocked and Locked is not an Aimpoint authorized dealer, but we can still place orders for you at a discount when you buy your Aimpoint mount from us.