How to Buy on Gunbroker

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Most gun enthusiasts know about the firearm auction site Gunbroker.  It’s a great resource for buying new and used firearms and practically anything gun-related.  Gunbroker offers tutorials on how to use the site, but I receive questions almost weekly about the process of buying firearms.  Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Buying firearms online from legitimate websites, like Gunbroker, is completely legal!
  2. Create an account, search Gunbroker to find the firearm you’re looking for, and win the auction or Buy It Now.  You can look at a seller’s rating and read feedback to gain confidence in the seller.  Personally, I’ve never experienced any problems with Gunbroker transactions.
  3. Pay the seller after winning the auction or using Buy It Now.
  4. Use Gunbroker’s FFL finder to contact a local FFL that provides transfer services and background checks, like Cocked and Locked  Note: ALL FIREARMS PURCHASED ON GUN AUCTION WEBSITES MUST BE SHIPPED TO AN FFL. THE RECEIVING FFL DOES A NICS BACKGROUND CHECK ON THE BUYER.
  5. Contact the local FFL and ask if they will facilitate your transfer.  Provide the seller’s email and the auction reference number to the FFL.
  6. Your local FFL will email or fax a copy of their FFL license to the seller.  The license has a shipping address that must be used by the seller.
  7. Your local FFL receives the shipment from the seller, inspects the firearm, and updates their FFL logbook to reflect a firearm transfer into inventory.
  8. Your local FFL contacts you and lets you know that your firearm is available for pick-up.
  9. Go to your local FFL, fill out Form 4473, and undergo a NICS Background Check.
  10. Assuming you pass the background check, pay your local FFL ~$25 for providing the check and take your new gun home.

Thousands of transactions occur on Gunbroker every day.  It is a great resource for used firearms.  If you are willing to pay a premium, you can find items that are out of stock in most retail stores, but other times you will get lucky and find that elusive items for a steal.

One last note, if your item is not a firearm, you do not need to use an FFL.  You can pay for the item and have it shipped directly to your home.