Ghost, Inc. Trigger Connectors for Glock Pistols

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We sell and install all Ghost, Inc. trigger connectors and spring kits for Glock pistols. Ghost hardware can significantly reduce trigger pull weight, smooth trigger pull, reduce trigger “bump,” eliminate over travel, and reduce trigger reset. For a comparison chart of Ghost trigger connectors click here.

Trigger connector kits range in price from $20-45 depending on the specific connector you choose and whether you want a spring kit. Installation cost depends on whether fitting is required and ranges from $15-50.

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Ghost, Inc. spring kit.

I installed the Ghost Evo Elite 3.5 lb. trigger connector in my Glock 30SF with a complete spring kit and can’t say enough about the improved trigger pull. Please note that I recommend using the 6 lb. firing pin spring for .45ACP and 10mm pistols which increases the trigger pull weight slightly but reduces the likelihood of a light primer strike.

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