Glock perfection requires a few mods!

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I love Glocks for their reliability and simplicity. Many others do too. The G19 is a prime example of Glock’s popularity because it is far and away the most-carried 9mm semi-automatic pistol by law enforcement, and the Navy Seals just announced they are abandoning the Sig P226 for the G19. That wouldn’t be the case if it weren’t a great pistol.

The tagline “Glock Perfection” is known by most gun enthusiasts, and there are many believers in that phrase. However, Glocks obviously aren’t perfect out of the box. So, what can you do to make your almost perfect, out-of-the-box Glock, as close to perfect as possible? Read on to find out.

My list of favorite Glock modifications are listed separately on the C&L website here. Many immediately upgrade their Glock’s polymer sights to steel and/or night sights (the polymer sights can break or crack if a pistol is dropped on a hard surface), change out the slide lock for easier one-handed manipulation, and replace the stock 5.5# trigger with a drop-in 3.5# trigger from Ghost, Inc. However, those upgrades pale in comparison to finding the right ammo for your Glock.

While Glock’s are legendary for their reliability and function, every Glock will not feed every type of ammunition. I wrote a post about defense ammo and discussed an old G19 of mine not feeding Winchester 147gr. flat-nose target ammo worth a darn. I was shocked at first thinking my pistol was a dud since that was the first kind of ammo I shot in it. However, it fed everything else reliably.

Here is the key: if you are going to use a certain type of ammo for self defense, NEVER assume your pistol will feed it. ALWAYS shoot at least 100 rounds with no failures whatsoever before using that ammo for carry or defense. That includes high-priced hollow-points. If money is an issue, use FMJ ball before going to expensive defense loads. Reliability is the #1 most important attribute of a carry or defense pistol.

What if you can’t get 100 straight rounds through your pistol after trying a variety of ammo? Buy a new pistol! As any Glock owner will tell you, 100 straight rounds for a Glock is child’s play assuming you are using the right ammo for your specific pistol.

If you buy a Glock and aftermarket sights from C&L, I will install them for free with free lifetime adjustments. Where else can you find that? Also, I will adjust sights for law enforcement officers at no charge regardless of where you bought your Glock!