Is Your Glock Shooting High and to the Left?

You’ll read it in online forums from time to┬átime, “My Glock shoots high and to the left.” Is it fact or fiction? Well, truth is, it depends on you and your pistol. I have a G19 that was dead-on for me out of the box, but I also have a G30SF that shot high and left out of the box. I hold the sights exactly the same with┬áboth pistols. If your Glock isn’t dead-on, what are you to do?

I was watching a Larry Vickers pistol drill video on YouTube today, and for the first time, I heard a weapons expert say, “Some Glocks shoot to the left if you center up the rear sight.” You can see that here.

I wrote an earlier post on Glock sight installation and adjustment and want to reitereate that if you buy a Glock from Cocked and Locked, I will adjust your rear sight for FREE for as long as you own the pistol. IF you need to adjust the rear sight, you should only have to do it once, so don’t let the idea that you might need to adjust your rear sight bother you. After all, one reason manufacturers put adjustable sights on pistols is to compensate when the sight isn’t dead-on when centered in the slide.

Here are some pictures of my Glock 30SF, and you can see that my rear sight is pushed to the right.

My Glock 30SF with Glock factory night sights. Note the rear sight is pushed to the right.

Overhead view of my Glock 30SF. A few millimeters to the right equals dead-on for me. I also installed a lower sight, the 6.5mm version, compared to the factory original 6.9mm, which shot high for me.

If you’re shooting high or low, you can buy a shorter or taller rear sight to compensate for that. I sell the polymer sights for $5 and can change them out in a few minutes with my sight pusher tool shown below. Shooting high or low can be influenced by your personal sight picture, so if you want to keep your standard sight picture and your Glock isn’t dead-on, replace the rear sight.

My sight pusher tool made exclusively for Glock pistols.

If your Glock isn’t shooting dead-on out of the box, does that mean you have a defective pistol or the manufacturer did not put as much TLC into your gun? Absolutely not. As I’ve said before, Glocks are a GREAT value. Great value at a lower price means you have to make a tweak every now and then. If you buy a Sig Sauer P226 with FIXED sights, on the other hand, it will be dead-on, period. What’s the difference? About $300. But, your Glock can be just as accurate with a small adjustment.

If you’re wondering how or why a Glock might shoot left or right when the rear sight is centered…well, I wonder the same thing. I have not seen a viable explanation. What’s important is the right/left thing does not affect reliability.

Glock’s are great all-around pistols for self-defense and the range. Don’t let the fact that you might need to adjust your rear sight keep you from owning one of the best pistols made today.