Cocked and Locked Blog!

From time to time I’ll share my thoughts on trends in the firearms industry and try to provide insight and advice on our products.  Obviously, at the top of everyone’s mind right now is how long will the draught of ammo and firearms last?  Unfortunately, there are no short-term solutions.  I’ve gotten word from two manufactures, Sig Sauer and STAG ARMS, that they have enough backorders to keep them busy for the next 18-months.  Try finding a semi-automatic pistol in 9mm, 40 S&W, or .380ACP!  When a popular firearm becomes available, it’s immediately snatched up, so finding what you want can be a matter of being in the right place at the right time.  If you have something on your want list, let us know, and we will watch for it.  If found a Ruger 10/22 in stainless with synthetic stock today and bought it for a customer who’s been searching for several weeks.

Gunbroker is another option, and you can find almost anything there, but be prepared to pay a premium.  Cocked and Locked can be your local FFL to help with transfers from out of state.  The seller simply ships your firearm to us after you pay them, we do your background check for $25, and you leave with your firearm assuming your background check is approved.

I’ll end with this.  Here are our logos.  Both were designed by Brian Stover, a long-time friend and talented artist.  We will have Cocked and Locked hats and t-shirts soon where these logos will be prominently featured.


Cockedandlocked rooster colored v2